Craft. A combination of hands, brain and heart, using skill and passion to make something you’re proud of; something that’s built to last.

If your craft is building, that longevity, that legacy is something you strive for every time you start a new project. Your craft creates structures that stand for generations and look good for centuries.

Which is why our craft is brickmaking.

The Kingscourt Brick range comes to you with our own legacy, forged through our homegrown experience of more than 100 years’ brickmaking.

Made from locally sourced Keuper Marl Clay, and distributed throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom, our bricks are strong, durable and attractive. A perfect balance of aesthetics and function. We’ve created our range to let you be as flexible as possible in your design, without skimping on quality.

And like every brick we make, each one’s the product of our care, dedication and dexterity.


Kingscourt Brick has an extensive portfolio of projects from all sectors of construction. Explore our range of projects below.