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Brick Magazine: Grooms At The Ranch, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare

Two unique brick houses from the early 1880s can be found in Monasterevin, Co. Kildare. Both were designed by William I. Chambers, an English-born architect who came to Ireland in 1879. This period was an interesting one in the use of brick in Ireland with ‘new’ factory or machine-made Irish brick making its first appearance.

Brick Magazine: Johnston Central Library & Farnham Centre, Co. Cavan.

The library is an excellent example of a modern building where brick is used in a contemporary and practical way. The building is a three-storey cultural and administrative centre built for Cavan County Council, housing the county library headquarters, central library, county archive and arts office.

Brick Magazine: The O’Brien Institute, Marino

This large institutional building, ‘The School of the Twin Sisters’, is named after Bridget O’Brien, who died in 1876 leaving a fund in her will for the founding and supporting of a house and school for educating poor and destitute children.

Brick Magazine: The Former Guinness Powerhouse

Situated on James’s Street opposite the original St. James’s Gate brewery, this large brick building in Art Deco-style is one of the finest industrial buildings constructed in this period in Ireland; it is the Battersea Power Station of Dublin.

Introduction: Brick Magazine

Kingscourt Brick are delighted to announce the launch of our Brick Architecture Newsletter. This bi-monthly online newsletter will celebrate the history of brickmaking in Ireland and, most particularly, the brick made in the Kingscourt area of County Cavan, home of Kingscourt Brick, the sole surviving brickmaking factory in Ireland.