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Brick slips are a manufactured clay masonry product. When built, they have the appearance, colour, texture, longevity and resiliance of a regular brick build.

There are a number of ways in which brick slips can be manufactured, from purpose made and extruded clay slips, moulded slips, to traditional cut brick slips made from real handmade and reclaimed clay bricks.

Kingscourt Brick Ltd produce brick slips using the aforementioned processes. Our brick slip products are manufactured at high volume and in a range of aesthetics. Keeping up with our promise of being Ireland’s Most Authentic Craft Brick Makers, this process in our opinion, gives you the most authentic looking brick product.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, we produce slips from 12 to 25mm in thickness, also available with keyway tracks, which benefit adhesion.

Our brick slips are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, are strong, require low maintenance, are non-flammable and have excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Advantages of our Brick Slips

Durable: Although lightweight, brick slips are also tough and durable as they’re fired just like regular clay bricks and/or cut from full-size bricks, such as those from our reclaimed range.

Brick slips are hugely space-saving: Brick slips are thin (12mm rather than 102mm) and ideal for giving an existing facade a fresh new look. When compared with full facing bricks, you can quickly reduce the wall thickness

Out slips look great indoors, especially as a feature wall in any room.

Easy to install: Brick slips are installed much more efficiently than full bricks. You also need to carry out much less changes to windows or doors.

Corners: In addition to traditional slips, we also offer Pistol Header and Stretcher slips for finishing corners around windows, doors, and walls.

Environmentally Friendly: Our brick slips are made from natural clay materials and last for generations. Our slips are an environmentally friendly building solution due to the reduced consumption of materials, raw materials, and energy. We also offer an option of Reclaimed Brick Slips.

The Hyatt Centric, The Liberties, Dublin

The Hyatt Centric conveniently located on Dean Street makes for the perfect Dublin City Centre hotel for exploring top attractions, uncovering century-old history and everything in-between. Using Kingscourt Brick, 65mm Georgian Red Smooth Slips, this classical building is marked by an understated elegance.

Brick Slip Suppliers

As far as creating excellent-looking facades go, there are very few options as viable and beneficial as brick slip systems. Kingscourt Brick have partnered with some of the Ireland and UK’s leading architects and developers to offer a tremendous range of brick slip solutions.

Where Can You Use Brick Slips?

Our slips are used in offsite precast walling, Insulated Concrete Form housing, indoor facades, boundary walls, Lintels, Cills, Commercial and hospitality building sectors, building repair and prefab solutions.

You can browse our range of products using the ‘Brick Visualiser tool’, and compare two products directly with one another. But if you are looking for something more bespoke or just more information, speak to one of our experienced sales team members, and we can discuss brick blend options for you.

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If you are looking for something more bespoke or just more information, speak to one of our experienced sales team members, and we can discuss brick blend options for you.

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