Kingscourt Brick Making It Happen in ISO Quality Standards

The success of the management systems held by Kingscourt Brick is in the form of certification, assessed annually by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

Introduction: Brick Magazine

Kingscourt Brick are delighted to announce the launch of our Brick Architecture Newsletter. This bi-monthly online newsletter will celebrate the history of brickmaking in Ireland and, most particularly, the brick made in the Kingscourt area of County Cavan, home of Kingscourt Brick, the sole surviving brickmaking factory in Ireland.

What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and what does it mean for your development?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are a standardised way of providing data about the environmental impacts of a product through the product life cycle

Guaranteed Irish Business Awards 2022

The Guaranteed Irish Business Awards will recognise and reward the success and resilience of both homegrown and multinational businesses across various sector categories.

Brick Slips: What You Need To Know

Brick slips are a manufactured clay masonry product. When built, they have the appearance, colour, texture, longevity and resiliance of a regular brick build.